JoeJoe is 25-years-old. Six months ago, he was doing well in the university and holding down a part-time job in the bar of a local fast food outlet. But then he began to change, becoming increasingly paranoid and acting out in
bizarre ways. First, he became convinced that his lecturers were “out to get him” since they didn’t appreciate his confusing, off-topic classroom rants. Then he told his roommate that the other students were “in on the conspiracy.” Soon after, he dropped out of school. From there, things just got worse. Joe stopped bathing, shaving, and washing his clothes. At work, he became convinced that his boss was watching him through surveillance cameras planted in the bar's television sets. Then he started hearing voices telling him to find the cameras and deactivate them. Things came to a head when he acted on the voices, smashing several TVs and screaming that he wasn’t going to put up with the “illegal spying” any more. His frightened boss called the police, and Joe was hospitalized. His diagnosis was schizophrenia, undifferentiated type. Joe was placed on some medications and discharged after two weeks and started living with his parents. He attended clinic regularly as scheduled and with the help of his parents, was able to adhere to his prescribed medications and social/community education exercises. After two, he returned to school and his part time job and with the support of his family, friends and employer, is able to work and live independently. YOU CAN HELP THEM WIN THE RACE TO A HEALTHY, INDEPENDENT AND PRODUCTIVE LIFE.

Depression/Anxiety Disorders: DIFFERENT STORIES, SAME CONDITION:

eddieEDDIE:30-year old male, police officer, single. “the main problem I have with myself is that I have periods of great fear for just no reason. This happens mostly in the presence of crowd or a few people. It becomes very difficult for me to concentrate on what I am doing and is usually followed by increased heart rate and perspiration which I find very embarrassing. This has resulted in my trying to avoid public places or chatting in the presence of a few friends. I avoid going to places like church because I feel people will be looking at me. The problem has really affected me both socially and professionally.

sandySANDY, 29, female, married. No more doing her teaching work effectively e. g. not writing her lesson notes. Sits in class doing nothing and not concerned with her students making noise and fighting. The classroom is untidy and she seems to forget a lot. Husband says when she is asked questions, it takes a long time for her to reply. She does household chores with tremendous difficulty and lacks initiative. She complains of “being lost and dizzy spells". Further inquiry -sleeps well, eats well, clumsy with dates, psychomotor retardation, diminished self esteem, admits suicidal feelings but not attempted.

marttyMARTTY:33-year old male Banker with a 5-year history of headache, pulling and heat in the head, heaviness all over the body, pinching and noisy sensation in the whole abdomen, moving sensation in legs, feels “out of myself” . Bad dreams in which masquerades pursue him. Has never attempted suicide but has occasionally felt fed up because of his illness

livyLIVY, 42-year old Businessman, married. 4-year history of illness. Had a sexually transmitted disease just prior to illness and he now links the illness to the sexually transmitted disease. Complains of waist pain, internal heat, general body pains diminished libido, abdominal discomfort and indigestion, pinching in the buttocks and general weakness. Physical examination and laboratory investigations revealed nothing abnormal.

All names and cases are fictional. Correlations with actual persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.
Do you have similar experiences or stories as the ones above? or do you know a loved one or anybody with such? please see a doctor today. Effective help is available.